How to Trade on DYORswap

First, you need a DeFi wallet. We recommend Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Of course, you need Ethereum to trade $LOOT (You can purchase Ethereum on any centralised exchange within crypto, or you could use a peer to peer marketplace like @Change)

Now that you have Ethereum and a DeFi wallet- Get set up on DYORswap

Ensure you are on the Blast main-net, indicated in the top right corner, then connect your wallet. Now, go to trade now and trade ETH for $LOOT, (You’ll need to paste our contract address in the coin list, so copy and paste $LOOT’s official CA: 0xe4129C7B229812212F88d1BD6a223C45622E6b85)

Now, you can execute that transaction and become a $LOOT holder!

Remember- you don’t need $LOOT to enjoy the games on

Let’s $LOOT!

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